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About the Pharmacy Department

Central Washington Hospital is a 206 bed Regional Level III Trauma and Heart Center. Inpatient services include Cardiology, General Surgery, OB-GYN, ICU, Oncology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Cardiothoracic Surgery, and Orthopedics. Additionally, the hospital offers Transitional Care, Home Health Care, and a Dialysis Center. Central Washington Hospital is the major medical facility and referral center for North Central Washington.

The pharmacy department’s primary goal is to be an advocate of quality patient care through collaboration with physicians and other healthcare providers within the hospital and the surrounding community.
Central Washington Hospital Pharmacy is composed of three departments: Inpatient Pharmacy, Outpatient Pharmacy, and Home Infusion Service.

Inpatient Pharmacy

The Inpatient Pharmacy provides fully automated medication distribution through Med Carousel®, AcuDose-Rx®, and bedside barcode point of care technologies to augment pharmacy clinical services.  These technologies are fully integrated with the hospital’s electronic medical record and computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems.

The Inpatient Pharmacy is comprised of more than 20 technicians and 15 centralized and decentralized pharmacists who participate in multi-disciplinary care rounds and provide medication management information to health care providers. Pharmacists manage anticoagulation, pharmacokinetic monitoring, hyperglycemia management, hospice pain, and parenteral nutrition through collaborative drug therapy agreements.

Home Infusion

The Home Infusion Service is comprised of pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, reimbursement specialists, and pharmacy support staff. Central Washington Hospital’s Home Infusion Service is a home care provider which allows patients to remain at home while receiving various forms of therapy including antibiotic therapy, hydration, pain control, parenteral and enteral nutrition. The Home Infusion Service collaborates with five nursing agencies to provide home patient care in the four county region of North Central Washington.

Outpatient Pharmacy

The Central Washington Hospital Professional Pharmacy is located in the Professional Office Building on the hospital campus. The pharmacy provides services to the general public, discharged hospital patients and the staff of Central Washington Hospital. They are the preferred providers for Hospice and Dialysis patients and the CWH Health Plan. Three pharmacists and four technicians staff the outpatient pharmacy.