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Quality and Satisfaction

Our Commitment and Vision

At Confluence Health, we are proud to provide quality healthcare to serve the medical needs of our community. Confluence Health is founded upon the principle of genuine caring for the individual and is dedicated to the healing of the whole person: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Our commitment to quality is expressed through several healthcare initiatives, including heart failure, pneumonia, heart attack, and surgical care. Measuring our performance in these areas leads to fewer hospital visits, fewer days in the hospital, fewer visits to the Emergency Department, increased patient satisfaction, and improved quality of life for the patients we serve.

Core Measures

Providing the best patient care possible is measured for specific diagnoses. By identifying and documenting that specific steps were taken in the care of a patient, Central can verify that our healthcare team is providing best-practice level care.

Electronic Medical Record

Confluence Health has implemented Electronic Medical Records systems which set the stage for the delivery of more efficient, cost-effective healthcare. These systems give our providers all the medical information needed to make the best decisions in the care of our patients.

Joint Commission

The Central Washington Hospital & Clinics location is accredited by the Joint Commission. Through the Joint Commission’s accreditation process, the hospital must undergo an extensive performance evaluation. Upon successful completion, the hospital is recognized for its outstanding professional delivery of comprehensive quality care.