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Before Surgery

The Days/Weeks Before Surgery

  • Call your insurance company right away to tell  them that you are having surgery.
  • You may want to take a tour of the medical facility.
  • Plan for a ride home.  Have a responsible adult drive you home. This does not include transportation via taxi or public bus. Because of the stress of surgery and the medicines used, you are not a safe driver.  You will not be allowed to drive home because you could hurt someone else, yourself, and your car.
  • Find someone to stay with you or check on you for at least 24 hours after going home. 
  • You may need more help than your family and friends can provide. You can call Central Washington Hospital's Care Management Department at 662-1511 ext. 2344.
  • Call your doctor if you get sick before the surgery.
  • Discontinue herbal supplements as soon as you know you are having surgery; ideally, two weeks prior to your surgery.

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