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Day of Surgery

Once You Arrive for Surgery

  • Arrive at scheduled time.
  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Parent or legal guardian of children under age 18 must remain at the hospital until the child is discharged to home.
  • Visit with the surgeon. Meet the anesthesiologist.
  • Your surgeon will mark the operative site.
  • A nurse reviews your health history and makes sure you are ready for surgery.
  • A nurse will discuss using pain-rating scale with you.
  • An IV (intravenous catheter) is started, for medicines and fluids.
  • Pain medicine, antibiotics, or other medicine may be given through your IV.
  • Let your nurse or anesthesiologist know about pain medicines you take at home.
  • Anesthesiologist may order medicine to help you relax and help keep you from being sick to your stomach.
  • Surgical area may be cleaned and hair clipped by staff.
  • One or two family members may sit with you while you are waiting for surgery.  You will have a blanket or warming device put on you to keep you warm.

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