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Patient Services


Proper nutrition is an important part of your care. During your stay, the Nutrition Services Department will take care of all your dietary needs. You will receive a menu tailored to the type of diet ordered by your physician. Registered dietitians are available to discuss any special dietary restrictions. Additionally, a variety of snacks and beverages allowed on your diet are available upon request.


If you are sent mail while you are in the hospital, a volunteer will deliver it to your room. Mail received after you are discharged will be forwarded to your home address.


The Wenatchee World and the Seattle Times newspapers are available for purchase in the Butterfly Lobby on the main floor.

Flowers and Balloons

If you are sent flowers or balloons while you are in the hospital, they will be delivered directly to your room by a hospital volunteer. Fresh flowers are allowed in all areas, with the exception of the Intensive Care Unit. If they are received for patients in this unit, the flowers will be kept at the nurse station, and family members will be asked to take them home.

Mylar (foil) balloons are acceptable in all areas, with the exception of the Intensive Care Unit. Because of the danger of latex allergies to our patients and staff, latex balloons cannot be accepted. In the event family or friends bring latex balloons into the hospital, we will ask them to take them home for you.

Cash Machine

An automatic teller machine (ATM) is located near the entrance to the cafeteria, on the lower level. It is available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

Language Assistance

If you or a family member has a special communication need such as interpreter services, TDD services or telephone amplifiers, please tell a staff member as soon as you are admitted or tell your nurse.