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Patient Safety

Your safety and the safety of those around you are our primary concern. Here are several ways you can help ensure your safety:

Call System

Your nurse will explain how to use any nurse call button in your room or bathroom. Each button turns on a light above the door to your room and rings at the nurses' station. One of our staff will respond to your call light as soon as possible.


Most hospital beds are electronically operated for your comfort and convenience. Your nurse can help you understand all of the functions of your bed and answer any questions you might have. Keep the upper rails of your bed up for your safety. Your physician may request that the lower rails be kept up as well, if necessary.


Bathrooms located in patient rooms are for patient use only. All patient bathrooms have a nurse call button. Please call your nurse if you feel dizzy or need any help getting to the bathroom or while in the bathroom.

Preventing Falls

The hospital has a fall prevention program to keep you safe. We ask that you wear skid free slippers when up and call for help whenever you feel dizzy or unsure of your ability to get out of bed. Do not get out of bed alone until your nurse has helped you up at least once and has told you that you may get up alone.

Preventing Medication Errors

Tell your physician or nurse which medications you are taking, and why you take them, including prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements and herbal remedies. Medications, including aspirin, vitamins and herbal supplements, can interfere or interact with tests or medicines ordered for your treatment.

Give your physician or nurse a list of any medications that you are taking, including the dosage and times,
Tell your nurse if you brought any medications from home. You must send your personal medications home or give them to your nurse to secure in the Pharmacy.

Tell your physician or nurse about any allergies you have to medications, food, or anything else.