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Patient Bill of Rights

We, the healthcare team of Central Washington Hospital, respect your rights and promise to:

  • listen to you and your family.
  • tell you the truth.
  • listen to your reports of pain, believe you and relieve your pain as much as possible.
  • explain your medical problems in words that you can understand, and involve you and your family in the decision made to care for you.
  • keep the information you share with us confidential.  What you say will not be told to others unless it is important to your care and safety.  Your medical record will not be shared with others without your permission.
  • be aware of your emotional and spiritual needs.  It is okay to be angry, afraid, lonely or sad.  It is okay to laugh, cry, and to pray.
    tell you why we are there and what we are doing, what tests are ordered, your treatment plan, and we will do this in words you can understand.
  • care about you regardless of your:
    • race
    • creed
    • sex
    • birth place
    • abilities or disabilities
    • lifestyle choices
    • personal appearance
    • financial status
    • medical history 
  • help you learn about your medical problems.
  • be as gentle as possible when we have to touch you.  We will keep your body covered as much as possible.
  • respect your need for privacy.
  • do what we can to relieve your pain and help you to feel better.
  • respect your spiritual, cultural, and personal traditions.
  • allow your family and friends to be with you when the hospital rules say that it is okay.  If you wish, we will help you limit your visitors.
  • help you learn how to care for yourself after you leave the hospital.
  • make your medical record available to you if you wish.  We will help you to understand it.
  • guide you in how to transfer to another hospital or to another doctor.  We will help you figure out how to do this safely without harm to your health.
  • help you resolve any concerns you might have about your medical care.  If you think we have not kept our promises, tell a member of the health care team.  Together we will work it out.  If you feel it necessary to complain about your care, we will still give you good care.

Your responsibilities as a patient