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Patient Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

When you become a patient at Central Washington Hospital, you become the most important member of your health care team.  It is your responsibility to:

  • be honest with us about any health problems you have had, any changes you have noticed in your health, medications you take, special needs you might have.
  • help in your care by:
    • telling us when you hurt and when you feel better.
    • letting us know when you do not understand something related to your care.
    • following the directions of the health care team caring for you.
    • letting us know when you do not agree with these directions or for some reason cannot follow them.
    • learning what you can do to take care of yourself.
    • telling us your ideas about how we are taking care of you.
  • follow our rules and regulations by:
    • leaving your valuables at home.
    • encouraging your visitors to observe the visiting hours.
    • keeping your television or radio at a volume that will not disturb others.
    • Using only the medications prescribed by your doctor.
    • taking care of the property of this health care facility.
    • making our facility free of smoke, alcohol and illegal drugs.
    • not using foul or abusive language.
    • never hitting or threatening another patient, family member or staff person.
    • never bringing a weapon into the facility.
  • ask us questions about:
    • the papers you are asked to sign.
    • any words you do not understand.
    • any test or procedures you do not understand.
    • any patient safety concerns before, during, or after care has been provided.
    • any pain you are having.
    • rules or regulations that you do not understand or feel are inappropriate for you.
    • special needs you or your family might have.
  • respect other patients, family and staff by:
    • giving them privacy when needed.
    • keeping information you might hear about other patients to yourself.
    • limiting your visitors and having them observe visiting hours.