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Helping You Manage Diabetes At Home

The Healthy Living with Diabetes program provides several valuable services for those with diabetes.

Personalized Diabetes Counseling

  • Type 1, Type 2 and/or Gestational Diabetes
  • Newly Diagnosed Diabetes
  • Diabetes that is not well-controlled
  • Changes in status or treatment

Education is patient centered, focusing on the fundamentals of diabetes management: diet, exercise, self-glucose testing and medication.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

A Registered Dietitian will work with you to make your diet work for you.

  • Menu planning
  • Carb counting
  • Carb-consistent diet
  • Heart healthy
  • Weight loss, if needed

Medication Management

A Nurse Practitioner will help you get on track with your medications.

  • Insulin dose and timing management
  • Insulin pump training and dose adjustments
  • Oral anti-diabetic medications
  • Handling changes in your regimen