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Managing Diabetes in the Hospital

If you are a patient with diabetes, treatment during your hospital stay will probably differ from your home regimen. A highly-skilled team will work together to ensure your safety, while maintaining reasonable blood glucose control.

In most cases, the goals are to:

  • promote a tight blood glucose target range, between 100-180mg/dL
  • provide diabetes education with a Registered Dietitian and/or Certified Diabetes Educator
  • prevent hypo- and hyperglycemia during admission using the latest treatment strategies, such as:
    • stopping most oral diabetes medications during the hospital stay
    • using long-acting and rapid-acting insulin to regulate blood glucose.
    • provide a diet of carbohydrate-consistent meals
    • manage insulin levels based on carbohydrates (also known as carb counting)

By controlling your blood glucose levels, we help your body heal faster and get you out of the hospital sooner.