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HealthStream Information

HealthStream is Confluence Health's online learning management system. HealthStream supports online course delivery, education tracking, and classroom education coordination. HealthStream can be accessed from any PC with internet access and Internet Explorer.

Getting Started with HealthStream

HealthStream Q and As

System Questions

Can I login to HealthStream from a home computer?

Yes, HealthStream can be accessed from almost any PC with web access. Employees who want to complete course work at home must request permission to complete web-based courses outside of regular work time. The CWH Compensation for Education and Meeting Participation policy (8651-439) explains the payroll rules for education compensation.

Can I run HealthStream on a Mac?

No, HealthStream is not compatible with a Macintosh computer.

How do I log in? 

The web address to our HealthStream system is: http://www.healthstream.com/hlc/confluencehealth. Links to HealthStream are located on cwhs.com on the Health Professionals page and on iCentral under Employee Central.

How do I know whether or not my PC is compatible with HealthStream?

A PC system requirements check will be performed automatically the first time you log in. If the PC fails the requirements check the first time, run the check a second time. If the problem continues on a CWH computer, contact the IT Help Desk. If you are having problems on your home or other non-CWH computer, complete your web based courses on a different computer until you are able to resolve the issue.  

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, click the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the Sign In page. When you click the link, an email will be sent to your CWH Outlook email account with password reset instructions.

Course Questions

What are “required” assignments?

A required course assignment means that the course is required by hospital policy, standard, regulation, or administrative decision. When a web based course is required, it will be posted on the My Learning tab under Assigned Learning and will have a Due Date.
Annual Required Training (ART) and the Compliance Plan and Code of Conduct Document are just two examples of required assignments.  You may have multiple required assignments; requirements vary based on job roles.

When are “required” courses due?

Required courses must be completed by the specified Due Date. For example, the Due Date for Annual Required Training is October 31, 2012 at 9 PM. Once the Due Date for a course passes, the incomplete course will become Past Due. Once the course is turned off, your record will be marked delinquent.

Will all my required training be assigned at one time?

No, required training is not all assigned at one time. Required courses may be assigned at any time. Check your assignment list periodically. 

Where is my historical education record?

Your education history will be loaded into the system over a period of time. Your historical records will NOT be available immediately when the system is turned on in May, 2012. Once it is loaded, it will appear on My Transcript. 

How do I sign up for courses?

In most cases, your courses will be pre-assigned to you by your Manager to coordinate training with department schedules. All web based course assignments and class enrollments will appear on your “My Learning” page of HealthStream.

How do I cancel course attendance?

To cancel classroom training attendance, contact your Manager or Education Services.  In some cases, you must cancel attendance by contacting Cascade Training Center.  You do have the option of posting upcoming classroom sessions on your CWH Outlook Calendar if your PC is running Microsoft Outlook 2007. However, this calendar entry is only a visual reminder for you; it is not connected to your classroom registration. Deleting this calendar entry will not cancel your class registration.

How do I know if I completed a course?

Once an assignment is successfully completed, it will no longer appear on the My Learning page. It will be listed on the My Transcripts page.

Can I track my CEs in the system?

There is a way to track external training, including CEs, in HealthStream. However, DO NOT enter any of your own education information into the system until further notice.