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Viewing the Chart

This page contains a list of tutorials pertaining to viewing the patient's electronic chart. Click on the title of the tutorial to view.

Changing the Timeframe 
Changing the date range when searching the EMR.
Creating Patient Lists 
Learn how to create a list of patients by specialty, for ease of access to the patient record.
MAR Summary 
The document describes how to view the MAR Summary, an overview of all medications in a single view.
Other Topics: Viewing the Chart 
Provider QuickGuides on topics not covered in the tutorials.
PowerChart Outreach Portal 
Information on how to access PowerChart Outreach Portal
Setting Default Folder Types 
Learn how to set up your Document folders to display in an open state.
Viewing a Sticky Note 
Covers how to open stick notes, and do's and don'ts for their use.
Viewing Total Units of Blood Produce Transfused 
Learn to locate the total number of units a patient has received during their stay.