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Other Topics: Viewing the Chart

See the list of QuickGuides below covering additional topics.

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Icon Add a Sticky Note

This 1-page document describes the purpose of eCentral's Sticky Note tool to communicate non-urgent info to Providers.

Icon Assign Relationship

This 2-page document explains the rationale behind declaring a patient relationship in the chart.

Icon Interactive View - I&O

This 6-page document describes the type of data located in the Interactive View/I&O tab

Icon MAR

This 2-page document illustrates the details of medications that have been administered

Icon Med List: Customizing Your View

This 3-page document steps you through customizing your medication list view to streamline your review of data

Icon Results Review

This 5-page document highlights the naviagation points when looking for a variety of results, including labs, radiology, vital signs and assessments.

Icon Review Chart

This 3-page document describes the features of this tab which allows you to set personalized filters to sort your view of the data.

Icon Search Patient By Name

This 2-page document describes the recommended steps to access a patient by name search

Icon View Patient Chart

Instructions for providers on how to view a patient's chart from your patient list.