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View a Sticky Note

Sticky Notes are a method to communicate to the provider information that is not urgent or time-sensitive.

  • A patient has an active Sticky Note on the chart when the View Sticky Note icon Sticky Note Screenshot 01is highlighted.
  • Another way to see that a patient has an active Sticky Note on the chart is from the Patient List.   It will be located in the Note column.
  • Sticky notes are intended for one-way communication.

To view the Sticky Note content:

  1. Click the Sticky Note icon.
  2. The date and author are displayed as part of the Note.  This also indicates the number of Sticky Notes that are on this patient’s chart. 
  3. If you are just reading the Note and not taking any action on it, click OK.  This allows the Note to remain active on the chart.
  4. If you are taking action on the request in the Note, click the Delete icon to remove it from the chart.  It is the responsibility of the person taking action on the Note to delete it.
  5. You do not reply to the message in the Sticky Note. 

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