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Ordering a Blood Transfusion 

Blood transfusions are ordered through the Transfuse Blood Product Orderset.

  1. From the Power Chart Order screen click Add to open the Add Order dialog box.
  2. Use the Find field to search for Transfuse. The Transfuse Blood Product Orderset will appear in the search results. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  3. Click once on the Orderset title, and click the Done button. The plan will be added to the order profile.

The Orderset contains Notes to help guide your transfusion selections.

  1. Select the desired orders by checking the boxes. Remember to order both the blood product order (for the Lab) AND the Transfuse Blood Product order (for Nursing). Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  2. Click the ellipsis button to select an order sentence. Orders can be modified before signing.

Modifying Order Details  

  1. Right-click to modify the planned order.
  2. The Details window opens to enter modifications. Free-text order comments can be added in this field at this time.

Complete the Order 

  1. Click Initiate for the order to be active and effective immediately.
  2. When you finish selecting orders and modifying orders details, click Orders for Signature.
  3. You may be prompted to complete any missing details.
  4. Sign the Orderset by clicking the Sign Button: Sign button. 

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