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Other Topics: Order Entry

See the list of QuickGuides below covering additional topics.

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Icon Cancelling an Order

This 2-page document outlines the steps needed to cancel an existing order

Icon Changing the Responsible Physician

This 1-page document outliens the steps needed to place an order to change the responsible provider, i.e. attending

Icon Editing First Dose Date and Time

This 1-page document walks you through the process to indicate a medication first dose date and time

Icon Nested Ordersets

This 2-page document describes a Nested Orderset (PowerPlan) and it's functionality

Icon Ordering Non-Formulary Meds

This 4-page document walks you through the steps to order a medication that is non-formulary.

Icon Placing a Single Order

This 3-page document outlines the steps to place a single order for a patient

Icon Placing and Initiating Planned Orderset

This 11-page document describes how to place and initiate an planned orderset