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Entering an Orderset/PowerPlan 

NOTE: Order sets are indicated by the icon:  Icon: PowerPlan Orderset 

  1. From the Orders band, click Add. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  2. Search for the Orderset by typing in the first few letters of the title.  “Admit” will display a list of all ordersets that begin with “Admit”. Click to View Screenshot in New Window  
  3. Click once on the orderset you wish to order to select. Click the Done button.
  4. The orders screen displays.
  5. Click the order checkbox to select and deselect orders.
  6. If order details state, Please select an order sentence, click on the gray ... (ellipsis) button. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  7. To make any changes to the order details, right-click on the order line and click on Modify Planned Order. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  8. The Order Details field displays. Click on any of the details and make your changes in the right window. Once complete, click the drop-down arrow to collapse this section. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  9. Nested ordersets are indicated by the double yellow dice icon. Icon: Nested Orderset Click the checkbox to open the nested orderset.
  10. Click to select the order, then click the Return to Admit Adult General Medicine Orderset statement. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  11. Continue through the orderset, selecting any appropriate orders.
  12. Click the Sign Button: Sign button to place the orderset into a planned status.  This status allows the orders to wait until you wish to initiate them. 
  13. If you intend for this orderset to initiate right away, then click the Initiate button.  

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