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Documentation Tab: Folder types

This document covers setting the document folder available in the documentation tab, and the default document type. Select the correct folders.

NOTE: Questions regarding which folder lists to select should be directed to HIM (Medical Records). 

Open the Documentation tab. Click on the Documents drop-down menu, and select Options.Click to View Screenshot in New Window 

Default Documentation Folder Types:

  1. From the All Available Document Types column on the left, select and highlight the document types you create.  Click the single arrow > to move the item to the right hand column, Personal Document Type List. Repeat as needed. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  2. When complete, click OK.
  3. To select the Personal Document Type List, add a new document.  Right-click in the *Type box.  Select Document Type List, and Personal. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  4. When a document is created in the Documentation tab, the drop-down filter menu of *Type: will now display the selected documents. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  5. To select a folder type not on the personal document list, right-click in the *Type box, select Document Type List and Complete.  This will allow selection from the complete folder type list. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 

Default Document Type:

  • When you create a new document using the Add button, you can set the type of document you most frequently create to be your default.
  • Under Default Document Type, select the type of note you most frequently use. Click to View Screenshot in New Window 
  • When a new document is created, Physician Progress Note will be the default note type. A different note type can be always be selected, if needed.

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