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Add to Phase

Why Add to Phase?

When an orderset is placed in a ‘planned’ state, none of the orders are active. They will remain in a ‘holding pattern’ until the orderset is initiated.

Add to Phase allows providers to include orders in the ‘planned’ state orderset. When the orderset is initiated, these orders will be included.

What happens if I don’t ‘Add to Phase’?

For this example, consider a patient who will be entering the hospital for a planned procedure. The provider knows the procedure is planned for Thursday. The patient visits the provider on Monday, and the provider creates a Pre Op orderset to be initiated when the patient arrives Thursday morning. The provider thinks of an additional medication that the patient should receive in the hospital.

Instead of selecting Add to Phase, the provider uses the Add button, and signs the order. Because it is not part of an orderset, the computer ‘sees’ the new order as one that should be started immediately.
When the patient checks in on Thursday, nursing staff will initiate the planned orderset.

However, the order placed outside the set has been active since it was signed on Monday. This will appear to staff as an overdue medication, ordered to start before the patient was even in the hospital. This creates confusion as to the provider’s intent.  

Add to Phase Click to View Screenshot in New Window

While viewing the planned orderset, select Add to Phase and Add Order… The Order Search screen will open. This will allow you to select one or more medications or orders that are to be started with the planned orderset. Any orders added this way will become part of the planned orderset, allowing them to be started or discontinued with the orderset.

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