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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I contact Confluence Health at the Central Washington Hospital & Clinics location?

You can contact us by telephone, FAX, or E-mail as outlined below.
Voice: (509) 662-1511
Fax: (509) 665-6017 (Community Relations)
Email:  contactus@cwhs.com  

How do I get to the Central Washington Hospital & Clinics location?

We're located at 1201 S. Miller St. in Wenatchee. View directions and maps.

How do I find the correct entrance?

Three of our four entrances are marked with colored walls to make them easy to spot!
The dark gray wall is the Main Entrance, on Fuller Street.
The green wall is for Ambulatory Care (Day Surgery), Diagnostic Imaging and Lab Services. It can be accessed from Red Apple Road or Miller Street.
The red wall is for the Emergency Room. It can be accessed from Red Apple Road.
Our newest entrance is for Rehabilitation Services. It is located on the north end of our patient tower, and accessible from Fuller Street.

When can I visit patients?

Our regular visiting hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Family members typically have more flexibility, however, and there may be special circumstances for some patients. Contact the patient's nursing station for more information.

Can I call patients?

Yes. Call 662-1511 and ask for the patient by name, or, if you know the patient’s phone extension, call 662-1515 and enter the extension number. (You must enter the phone extension when prompted. The room number won’t work.) If you’re worried about disturbing the patient, call 662-1511 and ask for the patient’s nursing station to find out if he or she is up to receiving calls.

Does you employ any specialists?

Confluence Health has numerous specialty clinics. More information is available here.

Does Central offer a weight-loss program?

Central has registered dieticians who help people work out individual nutritional plans to manage diabetes, heart disease, eating disorders, prenatal weight gain, overall weight, and other issues. The focus is on improving health through better nutrition. This service is available to our patients and the community at large, and may be covered by insurance and Medicare, depending on the problem.

Is the medical library open to the public?

The Heminger Health Library, located in the hospital’s first floor, by the main entrance on Fuller Street, is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Is Central a “for-profit” hospital?

We are a not-for-profit hospital governed by our volunteer Board of Directors. Our operations are directed by our Executive Team.
For more information, contact us.