Your Gift At Work

Central Washington Hospital Foundation supports the continuing education of hospital employees and local college students in the healthcare field. Providing financial support to future healthcare providers is a sound investment in the health of the communities we serve. Read more about three of our featured scholarships below. 

Wenatchee Valley Street Rod Scholarships

Three $1,000 scholarships were awarded to hospital employees from the Wenatchee Valley Street Rod organization in 2013. The three Street Rod Scholarships went to Central Washington Hospital employees Jessie Cook, Chelsea May and Denise Gyselinck.

Jean Wood Nursing Scholarships

Congratulations to Brianna Jarbeau, the 2013 recipient of the Jean Wood Nursing Scholarship. Brianna is a nursing student at Wenatchee Valley College.

Central Washington Hospital Foundation Scholarships

Since 1987, the Central Washington Hospital Foundation has awarded close to $687,000 in scholarships to employees for their continuing education needs.  This scholarship program is funded through donations to Central Washington Hospital from our community and our generous donors.

The following employees were also 2013 recipients: 

  • Margaret Weed Mentoring Scholarship: Nina Nguyen 
  • Dennis Key Memorial Scholarship: Denise Gyselinck, Melissa Scott
  • Dianne Kasnic Prinz RN to BSN Scholarship: Amy Eckert, Russ DeJong 

Additional educational and professional certification grants were awarded to Central Washington Hospital employees Jessie Cook, Amy Eckert, Kai Folke, Enrique Gonzalez, Lacey Leonard, Chelsea May, Ryan May, Kira Meyerson, Carol Beall, Vaishali Bhide, Kimberly Collier, Gennevive Cook, Lisa Faulkner, Josh Fulwiler, Lea Glenn, Aaron Hale, Rochelle Jessup, Teri McIntyre, Julie McKillip, Allyson Moore, Kim Nelson, Amy Olson, Rhonda Rochester, Mandy Stirling and Judy Thompson.

  • In May, the Foundation sponsored NCW Nurse Week for Central Washington Hospital nurses. This sponsorship enabled nurses to attend workshops in conjunction with their luncheon panels and to bring in a well-known keynote speaker, Kim Richards RN. Ms. Richards spoke on "The Caregiver's Influence on Healing a Broken Healthcare System."
  • Through your gifts, the Foundation raised more than $45,000 for our Compassionate Care through Mammography program to help uninsured and underinsured women have the opportunity for life-saving mammograms.
  • Because of generous donors like you, Home Health and Hospice continues to help patients and their families cope through the difficult and often painful days of a severe or terminal illness through our Palliative Care and Comfort Giving Circle programs.
  • Donors funded a program titled "Period of Purple Crying" which gives parents of newborns personal guidance, a DVD and booklet to educate them on the normal crying period that all babies go through before they leave the hospital.
  • Your gifts have provided state-of-the-art equipment necessary to give you and your families the technically-advanced treatments needed to bring you back to a life of normalcy, such as the LiteGait® Treadmill to help brain injured patients learn to walk again, and pediatric cardiac monitors for our littlest at-risk patients.