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Wenatchee Valley Medical Center Cardiology Clinic at Central Washington Hospital

Central Washington Hospital is pleased to welcome the physicians and staff of Wenatchee Valley Medical Center’s Cardiology department to their new offices on the campus of Central Washington Hospital. Relocating the department here will provide improved continuity of care for our cardiology patients.

Directions to Wenatchee Valley Medical Center's Cardiology Clinic:

  • Park in visitor parking adjacent to Central Washington Hospital's main entrance.
  • Enter the main entrance. From the main lobby, head left, past the Gift Shop, into the Butterfly Waiting Area outside of the Transitional Care Unit
  • Across from the entrance to the Transitional Care Unit is a bank of elevators. Take an elevator to the 2nd floor Cardiology Clinic.
  • NOTE: Do not take the Tower Elevators. The Cardiology Clinic is not accessible from the Tower Elevators, which take visitors to the 2nd floor of the tower, which houses the Mother-Baby Unit.